reports that a Hungarian man, András Schmid, is allegedly a fraudster and is on Interpol’s wanted list. Despite this, the man is living and doing business freely in Auckland, New Zealand.

András Schmid is accused of having committed fraud and forgery in Hungary, thus he is under Interpol arrest alert. The man, who is now living freely in Auckland with his family, is wanted by the Hungarian Police.

Schmid was contacted at his home in Auckland with the purpose of gathering information on the issue.

The story is somewhat strange, as the 42-year-old man confirmed that

the man featured on Interpol’s mugshot is indeed him,

but he strongly denies all charges of fraud and forgery. He claims that he knows nothing of such matters and cannot explain as to why the Hungarian authorities would be after him.

The businessman claimed that there must be a huge mistake and that ‘Hungary was a corrupt country’, emphasising several times that something is not right. He further explained that, if he would have truly committed fraud and have gotten his money in illegal ways, then renting a house would not be an option for him.

Furthermore, Schmid acquired citizenship in New Zealand and has also been granted a gun license. He argues that if he would truly be a wanted person for fraud and forgery, then he would not have been allowed citizenship and to carry a firearm. Schmid defends himself by claiming that someone could probably have used his name.

Schmid’s mugshot published by Interpol

Even Schmid’s lawyer, Geoff Anderson, claims that he is unaware of such allegations and accusations. The North Shore lawyer did not comment further on the issue when his attention was drawn to the fact that

Schmid is featured on Interpol’s Red Notice alert feature on their website. 

New Zealand police were also interviewed on the matter, and they told that the Hungarian police force and the New Zealand police are in contact, and are discussing the extradition of Schmid to Hungary. The spokesperson of the New Zealand police said the following:

“When foreign nationals who are the subject of a Red Notice come to the attention of police in New Zealand our Interpol office will contact their counterparts in the corresponding country and invite them to commence extradition proceedings, as was done in relation to this specific individual.”

The spokesperson asked for any further questions to be addressed to the Hungarian police, a representative of which said that they cannot give additional information on the situation.

Over a decade ago, in November 2002,

a man named András Schmid was arrested in Hillsborough County, Florida.

He was charged with ‘obtaining property through worthless cheque’. His 2000 USD bail was posted. The date of birth of this man is the same as Schmid’s, yet he denies these charges too.

He immigrated to New Zealand a decade ago and is running a business in Auckland now, and, before this, he was the general manager of Blankenberge Belgian Beer Café in Takapuna. Schmid started a couple of companies since he arrived in New Zealand, and is now currently the director of Bee Corner Ltd. with his wife, Edit. According to the company’s website, they sell raw honey and beeswax products.

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