Criminal gang arrested for forcing Hungarian women into prostitution

25 Hungarian women were trafficked and forced into prostitution in Germany. #hungary #budapest #crime #criminals #police #dailynewshungary

Hungarian beauty queen fell into the hands of human traffickers!

The Hungarian beauty queen feared for her life after a modelling job in Macedonia took a horrible turn. #hungary #dailynewshungary #missuniversehungary #macedonia #model #abuse #assault

Hungarian Police caught Canadian murderers on the loose

They have been hiding from Interpol for months ??? #police #interpol #canada #hungarianpolice #hungarian #hungary #dailynewshungary

Hungarian police busted an online forum of paedophiles – PHOTO, VIDEO

They circulated an immense amount of content internationally #Hungary #police #crime #childpornography #Interpol #europol #dailynewshungary

Further investigation on Bangladesh mob boss’ business and money laundering in Hungary

Hungarian Ministries on the deals of Haris Ahmed ??????? #stopcrime #interpol #justice #aljazeera #crime #criminal #bangladesh #budapest #hungary #dailynewshungary

Most wanted Bangladesh mob boss hides and operates in Budapest, Hungary

“If anything goes down in Hungary, I know about it." ??????? #stopcrime #interpol #justice #aljazeera #crime #criminal #bangladesh #budapest #hungary #dailynewshungary

Hungarians everywhere – on Interpol’s wanted list, for instance

How many #Hungarians deserved a place on Interpol's list? Are there any women among them? #Hungary #police #crime #interpol

Hungarian authorities request extradition of suspected Serbian-Hungarian assassin

The 38-year-old man is thought to have carried out a #murder in #Budapest last September #Hungary #crime #police

Hungarian man with an Interpol arrest is running his business in New Zealand

András Schmid is wanted by the Hungarian police and by Interpol on charges of fraud and forgery

MOL chief permanently taken off Interpol wanted list

Budapest, November 18 (MTI) – Zsolt Hernádi, chairman-chief executive of Hungarian oil and gas company MOL, has been permanently taken off of Interpol’s wanted list after […]

First Hungarian to be elected to Interpol Executive Committee

  Budapest (MTI) – Interpol elected Mátyás Hegyaljai, interior ministry deputy state secretary for EU and international affairs, to the executive committee of European members of […]

National security committee discusses Pharaon case, Bőny murder

Budapest, November 7 (MTI) – Parliament’s national security committee addressed behind closed doors on Monday questions surrounding businessman Ghaith Pharaon, the death of a policeman by […]

Jobbik: Hungarian ministers do business with the criminal Pharaon

Talking in the Hungarian Parliament, Jobbik MP Márton Gyöngyösi criticized the government for tolerating the dubious affairs of Mr. Pharaon, an individual sought by international police […]

DK to inform Interpol, FBI about deals with allegedly wanted Saudi businessman

Budapest (MTI) – The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) party will inform the Interpol and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) about the Hungarian prime minister’s family […]

Bulgarian people smuggler involved in Hungary accident among Interpol’s most wanted

Budapest, June 28 (MTI) – Bulgarian people smuggler Kolyo Georgiev Kolev, sought by Hungarian authorities for allegedly causing a fatal accident, is among the ten most […]

MOL chief taken off Interpol wanted list

Budapest, November 27 (MTI) – Zsolt Hernádi, chairman-chief executive of Hungarian oil and gas company MOL, has been taken off of Interpol’s wanted persons list. Interpol […]

Austria, Germany suspend arrest warrant for MOL chief

Zagreb (MTI) – Austria and Germany have suspended the arrest warrant for Zsolt Hernádi, chairman-chief executive of Hungarian oil and gas company MOL, the Austrian office […]

MOL chief sees legal option for fighting Croatia’s arrest warrant

Budapest, October 22 (MTI) – There is a legal possibility that in some countries the arrest warrant put out by Croatia on Zsolt Hernádi, chairman-chief executive […]

MOL head Hernádi meets OMV executive in Vienna despite Interpol ban

Budapest, October 14 (MTI) – Zsolt Hernádi, chairman-chief executive of Hungarian oil and gas company MOL, held talks with Rainer Seele, head of Austrian peer OMV, […]

Scottish police and Interpol is also looking for a missing Hungarian man

Milán Vass (29) has disappeared from his own home in Scotland leaving his papers and credit card behind. Vass has been living abroad with his family; […]