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The Hungarian authorities have requested the extradition of a Serbian-Hungarian arrested in Prague who is suspected of being a hired killer, Budapest police said on Saturday.

Serbian press outlets have reported the capture of the man known as D. Csaba from Cantavir (Csantaver) in Vojvodina. He is suspected of having killed people in the Netherlands, Budapest, and most recently in Belgrade.

Serbia is also expected to request his extradition, according to Serbian police.

Csaba Dér, Hungarian criminal, hitman
Csaba Dér, Hungarian criminal, photo:

According to, the 38-year-old man is thought to have carried out a murder in Budapest last September and the Hungarian authorities issued a European and international arrest warrant against him.

Cooperation between the Hungarian police, Europol and Eurojust led to the Czech police’s arrest of the man at a hotel in Prague on Friday evening.

Source: MTI

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