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The 38-year-old Caba Der first got convicted of murder in Serbia in 2004 but was released to custody in February 2017. One year later in July, the Dutch police wanted him for shooting and killing a man in a restaurant in Amsterdam. More subsequently, it turned out that he is also suspected in a murder case in the Hungarian capital city and one in Belgrade last month.

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NL Times got some information from local authorities who stated that Der is a contract killer with Hungarian and Serbian nationality. They believe that he arrived in the Dutch capital on July 8 and committed murder in an Italian restaurant three weeks later.

Several camera footages revealed that he entered the restaurant dressed like a tourist and pretended to be lost and suddenly he shot his victim in the head. Luckily, his face is clearly visible on these video footages. The victim, who was a 62-year-old man with a criminal record, died later in hospital.

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The police emphasised that they are looking for any kind of information which is related to the murderer and would like to get in contact with anyone who kept in touch with Der during his stay in Amsterdam from July 8 to July 30.

The man is 1.60 metres tall with a shaved head, and it can be assumed that he used a fake identity.

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