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Detectives of the Cybercrimes Division of the National Bureau of Investigation, with the participation of the Counter-Terrorism Centre, conducted house searches in 8 locations on 5 May.

Hungary experienced a huge number of cases linked to child pornography and paedophiles in the past year. Starting with the Ambassador to Peru through a Hungarian man accused of child pornography and rape to a Sudanese woman arrested on child porn charges, many disgusting and unacceptable things were found and stopped.

Hungarian Ambassador to Peru involved in child pornography

This case stands out a bit due to the size of the network these criminals had built. 4 people were busted and taken into custody for the circulation of child pornography content.

The head of the criminal group, working from his own home, was in charge of operating an internationally known online paedophile forum on the dark web.

The site had several hundreds of users both nationally and internationally. Identifying him was a hard task; the involvement of Europol and Interpol was needed to do so.

Users of the

forum specialised in sharing content involving children and their abuse and exploitation,

and they were circulating an immense amount of content among each other.

pedophile police.hu

Two of the suspects went even further.

One of them sexually abused his own child on a regular basis, while the other his own 4-year-old sibling.

All photos and videos were shared on the forum.
The Prosecution Office has asked for the arrest of all detained suspects.

Based on the photos published on police.hu, different types of weapons were also found while searching the locations.

pedophiles police.hu
pedophiles police.hu

Finding these animals and holding them accountable is only one part of the story. Identifying all these poor children who had to endure such suffering is also a crucial part of the job, in order to completely stop the action itself and to offer them protection and to try to help them get over what they had been through. To do so, conventional investigation techniques need to be complemented with the detection of cyber traces and clues.
It is important that none of these violent acts stays hidden.

The police ask everyone to seek help in the case something like this happens to us or to anyone we know, even if only suspicion arises.

They advise us to turn to the police itself, to child or family protection services or to any place specialised in the help of any group of society.


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Source: 24.hu

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  1. I hope these nonces rot in prison for the rest of their lives, but not before being put through the disgusting and traumatising ordeal that they themselves put those poor children through.

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