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The head of the Association of County Seats (MJVSZ) on Tuesday called on mayors in Hungary to discuss ways to eliminate “the recent dangers” illegal migration causes to residents.

Károly Szita, the mayor of Kaposvár in south-western Hungary, told a press conference that he had sent letters to his colleagues, initiating a meeting for the discussion of the EU’s mandatory quotas during the first half of 2018.

Szita, of ruling Fidesz, noted that around 80 percent of mayors had signed a joint petition against EU migrant quotas in December last year.

“It gives cause to concern that according to reports Brussels has not given up on the mandatory relocation,” he said.

Szita added that the European Parliament had recently passed a resolution assigning civil organisations an increased role in facilitating migration.

He added that US billionaire George Soros would also fund civil organisations set up in Hungarian cities to implement his migration plan.

Such NGOs have already appeared in Pécs and Debrecen and the network continues to be built up in further cities and towns across Hungary, Szita said.

He said the key task for mayors is to ensure security and peace for residents.

Source: MTI

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