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As long as Fidesz is governing Hungary, it will not allow the implementation of the “Soros plan” on migrant quotas, the minister in charge of the government’s Modern Cities programme said in Debrecen, in eastern Hungary, on Monday.

Efforts to set up and expand a network of civil organisations aimed at implementing the European Parliament’s mandatory migrant relocation plan are already under way, Lajos Kósa, the former mayor of the city, told a press conference.

As part of his plan, US billionaire George Soros has transferred 130 million forints (EUR 414,000) to a local NGO, the Association of Alternative Communities (AKE), he said.

But instead of performing real civil tasks, the AKE will help settle and integrate migrants, and facilitate family reunification procedures, Kósa added, insisting that the association’s operation was non-transparent.

Debrecen has already done its share in tackling the migrant crisis; the city has fought for a long time for closing the local refugee camp that has caused a lot of problem for the residents in the area,” Kósa said.

László Papp, the mayor, said

the city firmly protests against the operation of “sham charity civil organisations” that help implement the Soros plan.

“These are political organisations,” Papp said and called on AKE to stop “its political activities”.

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Source: MTI

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