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The District Prosecutor’s Office of Szeged has proposed indictment against 16 people, who helped nationalised Hungarian citizens with residencies abroad to apply for fake Hungarian home addresses in Csongrád county’s two different regions between 2012 and 2015. The people involved have been charged with 59 counts of forging public documents.

According to the charges, between 2012 and 2015, Serbian and Romanian residents who are nationalised Hungarian citizens applied for real estates in two regions of Csongrád county, when in reality, they do not live there. The mayors of the two towns as well as two municipality employees helped them, reported Index.

One of the mayors made himself out as the host in 11 fake home address applications, while the other one got one of the employees to sign the papers as the host.

The two employees helped in administration, got the home address application papers, helped in filling said papers out, handing them in, and recruited people who were willing to sign the papers as fictional hosts. One of the employees even made himself out as the host on 12 of the papers. The other people charged only signed the fake papers as hosts.

According to the charges, in one of the towns, they helped a total of 52, while in the other, they helped 90 Hungarian citizens living abroad to get their fake home addresses.

The prosecution has requested suspended prison sentences for the two municipality employees, fines for another eight accused, including the mayors, and probation for another four. The Hungarian citizens with residencies abroad got reprehended.





Source: https://index.hu/

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