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According to, 29 184 children were born in the first four months of 2015, which is 3% more than the same period last year. The number of deaths was 48 929, which increased by 12% compared to January-April 2014. Natural decrease was 19 745, which is 4518 more than a year ago – Central Statistical Office (KSH) said.

In the first four months of the year, 29 184 children were born, which is 837, 3% more than in 2014. Especially significant was the increase in January, when the number of newborns increased by 5.3% – KSH.

The number of deaths was 48 929, which largely, with 5355 exceeded the January-April 2014 value.

The number of deaths was higher in each month than last year, the biggest increase was in February, when 25% more people died. For the significant mortality excess, the flu epidemic and the low base value of last year also contributed – the office said.

The number of deaths increased more than births, so the natural decline increased from 15 227 of January-April 2014 to 19 745 in the first four months of 2015.

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