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Hungarian MEPs divided over EP’s rejection of pan-EU party lists

Hungarian MEPs divided over EP’s rejection of pan-EU party lists

Hungarian MEPs on Wednesday were divided on the European Parliament’s rejection of a proposal for pan-EU lists of candidates for seats in the EP. Fidesz welcomed the move while the Socialists said such lists would make the bloc stronger.

Under the proposal, 27 of the 73 seats freed up by Britain’s departure from the bloc would have been decided in Europe-wide constituencies instead of being distributed among member states.

Fidesz MEP György Schöpflin said that a pan-European list “would be the first step in the wrong direction” for the EU.

“The use of supranational lists assumes that there exists a European demos somewhere waiting for someone to represent it,”

Schöpflin said in a statement. “And such a list would be designed to do just that. But this is a fallacy. There is no European demos and it is wrong to state otherwise,” the MEP added. Schöpflin argued that “giving political power to 27 free-floating” lawmakers who would not be accountable to any country “would not be good for the EP’s reputation”.

Socialist MEP Tibor Szanyi said the compilation of pan-European party lists would “strengthen the European character” of the EP elections. At the same time, it would send a message to nationalist and Eurosceptic groups that “Europe is strong and can resist populism”, he said. Szanyi argued that setting up a list of young candidates could boost the EP representation of “a group that is generally underrepresented in legislation”.

Source: MTI

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  1. Sander Driessen

    British ex-minister of foreign affairs, Lord Malloch Brown, will prevent Brexit with money from George Soros. The British former foreign affairs minister in the George Brown cabinet wants to take the lead to join the forces of 3 anti Brexit organizations in Great-Britain. By doing so he wants to force a new referendum in which the British, but initially the socialist parliamentarians, can once again for a Brexit or stay in the EU. Fine, everyone has their own hobbies and with 3 organizations that are currently winning in the UK to win a renewed Brexit referendum that could just be considered as daily news. However, it becomes more serious that the man who nearly killed the British pound and earned a billion of that, George Soros, is the money man behind Malloch Brown. Through the now well-known Open Society, where Dutch ‘princess Mabel has been an enthusiastic employee and for a time manager in the UK, Soros has since contributed an amount of 400,000 British pounds (€ 500,000) to Malloch Brown and his organization, according to the British Daily Telegraph. It is known that in December 2017 Soros received a number of prominent British politicians at his Chelsea home in London to discuss an anti-Brexit policy. Malloch wants to streamline the efforts of 3 organizations that are committed to preventing the UK from leaving the EU. It does not necessarily have to be an organization, but it is necessary to join forces. Malloch himself is the leader of the ‘Best for Britain’ organization and through a PR- and flyer campaign socialist members of parliament will have to be contacted first and foremost, the opponents of Prime Minister Theresa May, who in turn must try to stop the British population for a new anti Brexit referendum. Everything is entirely according to the rules, although you have to ask whether after such a referendum that would get a no to the Brexit, then a pro-Brexit referendum can not be started again by proponents of leaving the EU by the UK. Etc. etc.
    Also the fact that Malloch receives a donation is not against the rules but it is doubtful when that donation comes from a man who, after he has ruined the British Pound by currency speculation, is constantly and very actively engaged in his dream of building up a uniform world type of GDR-like, all equal except for a few selected elitists to whom, of course, he considered himself to belong to. It is no coincidence that Soros has been denied access to Russia, Israel and Hungary with its seemingly philanthropic organizations. Soros, who regularly visits the EU, tries to cause unrest under the pretext of democracy, leveling societies to get his financial advantage. And even more questionable is the fact that the so-called Dutch royal family embraces the ideas of Soros, although not public, but because of the fact that ‘princess’ Mabel still plays a very active role in the Open Society and that she does not get criticism from the Dutch government. On the contrary, because the thoughts of Soros correspond to those of the Dutch ‘royals’ may not openly pursue.

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