Veszprém, 2018. február 13. Kósa Lajos, a megyei jogú városok fejlesztéséért felelõs tárca nélküli miniszter beszél, mellette Porga Gyula (Fidesz-KDNP) polgármester a Modern városok program veszprémi fejlesztéseirõl tartott sajtótájékoztatón a veszprémi állatkertben 2018. február 13-án. A városban 75 milliárd forint értékben valósulnak meg fejlesztések, amelyek a sport, a kultúra, a gazdaság és a közlekedés területét is érintik. MTI Fotó: Máthé Zoltán

Hír Tv talked to a relative of Kósa’s strange client who claimed that the minister himself asked for the gift. Furthermore, he specifically wanted his mother to be the recipient of the 800M HUF. In fact, the parliament’s national security committee was called together to discuss Kósa’s issue. However, the government parties did not show up on the sitting, so it was inquorate.

Kósa though about the 2.63M EUR as his success fee

As we already reported, Hungarian minister without portfolio in charge of the government’s Modern Cities scheme Lajos Kósa was entrusted to buy government bonds for more than 4 bn EUR. Since then press dug up that Kósa’s strange client who entrusted him to do so was Szabó Gáborné. She claimed then that she inherited this marvellous sum from one of her German relatives.

After the scandal broke out, Kósa stated that he just wanted to help the lady and never accepted any money. However, Magyar Nemzet made public a notarial deed from 2013 September in which Mrs Szabó wanted to transfer

800M HUF (EUR 2.63M) as a gift to Kósa’s mother.

Press discovered that the strange heiress lives in Csenger, an Eastern-Hungarian town where Hír TV managed to talk with a relative of Mrs Szabó. According to him, Kósa specifically wanted his mother to be the recipient of the 800M HUF, not him.

He added that

Kósa thought that this sum will be his success fee.

And of course, he wanted it to be transferred to his mother’s account instead of his because of practical reasons. Kósa probably thought that it would not be good if he received such a significant sum on his own account. Then they signed the notarial deed, so Mrs Szabó approved this condition – said the relative.

Jobbik wants to investigate

Biggest opposition party Jobbik would make this issue clear

with the help of the Constitution Protection Office of Hungary (AH).

Ádám Mirkóczki, the spokesman of the party, said that the Office should have screened him when Kósa became chairman of the parliament’s Committee on Defence and Law Enforcement Committee. He added that such a screening incorporates the examination of the financial position of the target person. Thus, AH had to know about the 4.3 bn EUR Kósa was entrusted to buy government bonds with. If AH does not know about the issue, it would be clear that Kósa withheld this information from them.

Mirkóczki demanded AH to report about the details of Kósa’s screening in a separate item on the agenda on today’s sitting of the National Security Committee. He added that they have many questions concerning the issue.

“In this case we are not talking about presenting somebody with a match-box, but about 1350 bn HUF (EUR 4.3 bn), the state budget of a third-world country.”

– said Mirkóczki.

However, according to 24.hu, the national security committee did not talk about Kósa’s case. Szilárd Németh, Fidesz’s vice-chairman of the committee, told the press that MPs of the government parties did not take part in the sitting because it was called together to discuss fake news, gossips and lies. He added that the committee could not be used to support political campaigns – he added.

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Source: mno.hu, 24.hu, Daily News Hungary

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