Budapest, 2018. február 18. Kósa Lajos, a megyei jogú városok fejlesztéséért felelõs tárca nélküli miniszter (b2) és Fazekas Sándor földmûvelésügyi miniszter (j) beszélget, balról Tuzson Bence kormányzati kommunikációért felelõs államtitkár Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök hagyományos évértékelõ beszéde elõtt a Várkert Bazárban 2018. február 18-án. MTI Fotó: Máthé Zoltán

As we reported yesterday, Hungarian minister without portfolio in charge of the government’s Modern Cities scheme Lajos Kósa was entrusted to buy government bonds for more than 4 bn EUR – according to Magyar Nemzet. Kósa denied that he accepted any money from anyone. However, today’s Magyar Nemzet claims that according to a notarial deed from 2013 September Kósa’s client wanted to transfer 800M HUF (EUR 2.63M) as a gift to Kósa’s mother.

Merry Christmas! You have received 800M HUF

According to a notarial deed made public yesterday by Magyar Nemzet, Lajos

Kósa disposed over 4.3 bn EUR between 2013 and 2015.

Answering a question of Magyar Nemzet, Kósa called the report of Magyar Nemzet fake news but did not deny the document’s authenticity.

He said he had once recommended to a German woman introduced to him by a co-worker’s acquaintance that she invest the large sum of money she had inherited into Hungarian government bonds. However, “nothing ever became of it”, he said. He said the woman’s lawyer was a “distant acquaintance” of his, adding that the lawyer had “probably tried the story on others as well.”

He even posted a video on Facebook about what happened claiming that the opposition media only tries to discredit him.

However, Hungarian press discovered new information in the ever stranger story. For example, index.hu wrote the co-worker’s strange acquaintance is Szabó Gáborné living in Csenger in Eastern-Hungary. Though Kósa claimed that he knows only Mrs Szabó’s lawyer, he said later that Mrs Szabó showed him convincing documents about the inherited fortune. Thus, it is clear that he knows the lady. Furthermore, 444.hu interviewed some locals who said that Kósa did everything he could to get as much money as possible from the heritage business. On the other hand, Kósa claimed on a press conference yesterday that he had never bought government securities for anyone and

never accepted money from anyone.

However, today’s Magyar Nemzet wrote that according to another notarial deed Mrs Szabó

wanted to transfer 800M HUF (2.63M EUR) to Kósa’s mother as a gift.


Kósa: “my mother is not the strawman of anybody”

In fact, the first document between Kósa and Mrs Szabó was made in 2013 while the last one in 2015. This contradicts Kósa’s claim that the whole issue happened in the time when he was the mayor of Debrecen (1998-2014).

Furthermore, another document was made in January 2015 when

Mrs Szabó authorized Kósa to manage her shares issued by a French bank.

Kósa’s mother appeared in the news earlier with a strange story. After she bought the heavily indebted Méker Ltd., the company abruptly received a lot of money from an unknown source. Thus, it could agree with its creditors about paying back the loans. Furthermore, the company was given a 120M HUF (EUR 384,971) non-refundable financial support from the Ministry of Agriculture to improve its pig farm. Answering the question of Magyar Nemzet Mrs Kósa said then that she does not even have a pig farm. Lately, she added that “Guess what! I bought half of the country.” Regarding this issue, Kósa said that his mother is not the strawman of anybody.

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Source: mno.hu, 444.hu, napi.hu, index.hu, Daily News Hungary

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