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A bill was presented to the Romanian Parliament on Tuesday which suggests the establishment of The Day of the Peace Treaty of Trianon. On 4 June, there would be events organised all over Romania to commemorate the historic significance of the treaty. The bill is the handiwork of two Romanian senators: Serban Nicolae and Titus Corlatean.

Serban Nicolae and Titus Corlatean are actively campaigning to establish the Day of the Treaty of Trianon (4 June), hvg reports. The politicians claim that on 4 June 1920, Romania did not only get Transylvania back, but the Romanian citizens’ political and civil rights were strengthened as well. Serban Nicolae and Titus Corlatean believe that the Peace Treaty of Trianon is the foundation of the relationship between Romania and Hungary.

According to their bill, local governments would be obliged to raise the national flag of Romania at all public places, and they would also need to provide logistical and financial support to organise educational and cultural events that raise awareness to the treaty’s significance in Romanian history. National media would also have to report about these events held across the country.

Attila Korodi from the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ) thinks that this bill is highly offending to the Hungarian minority in Romania, and it goes directly against all efforts made for Romanians and Hungarians living together peacefully in Romania. RMDSZ is against the bill, and they will do anything to make the parliament throw the bill out.

The Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania is a political party in Romania representing the Hungarian minority of Romania. Officially considering itself a federation of minority interests rather than a party, from the 1990 general elections onwards, the UDMR has had parliamentary representation in the Romanian Senate and Chamber of Deputies.

Romania was one of the principal beneficiaries of the Treaty of Trianon, as it received territories of Transylvania, part of Banat, and other regions from Hungary. In favour of Romania, Hungary renounced all the claims of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy over Transylvania.


  1. More precisely, France awarded 3 million so called Romanians a larger Hungarian territory than what was left for 10 million Hungarians. Besides:

    “The politicians claim that on 4 June 1920, Romania did not only get Transylvania back”
    Back??? So called Romania was established in the late 19th century. Not that its predecessors ever had Transylvania. What a sloppy article! Offending even 🙁

  2. It’s not sloppy, it’s written from the perspective of the Romanian government. They still accept the history books of Ceausescu as the truth and think that transylvania was always part of Romania.

  3. The answer is simple. According to the Declaration of the Universal Human Rights and Territorrial Rights of a State, all minorities will benefit from constitutional rights and will be held accountable for any violation of the Universal Human Rights. In simpler words, show some respect for the country that hosts you and it’s laws. And stop behaving like pack animals and get along with your Romanian neighbors wherever you are. By being under the care of a democratic state, act democratically and humainly. Abuses of any kind are not tollerated. The Hungarian minority should understand that it happened a long time ago and stop the antisocial behaviour.

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