Ádám Borics, the winged hussar of Hungarian MMA, won his fourteenth MMA competition in a row. This time, in the category of 65 kg players, the Hungarian Borics succeeded in beating the prominent American champion, Pat Curran, with his signature flying knee and a flurry second-round strikes.

Nemzeti Sport reported that the 26-year-old player first got the attention both in Hungary and in the USA after winning against Aaron Pico at the Bellator’s New York Gala. The Hungarian player beat Pico with a beautiful flying knee technique which immediately got the attention of everyone and became his signature move. His latest match was held in Inglewood, California where his opponent was the American Pat Curran who has never lost a single game during his career.

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Ádám Borics, Hungarian, player, MMA
Photo: www.facebook.com/adamthekidborics

The Hungarian Borics became the first one among MMA players who knocked out the American champion (14–0).

Borics continues to play with Bellator which signed a contract with the Hungarian player for an additional four games. It has not been announced yet by the organisers who Borics’s next opponent is going to be.

The main prize for the player who wins the whole MMA series is $1 million.

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Featured image: www.facebook.com/adamthekidborics

Source: www.m.nemzetisport.hu

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