Márta Mészáros received the Audience Award on the 53rd Chicago International Film Festival, 24.hu reports.

This year more than 150 movies were shown at the Chicago International Film Festival, on which

Aurora Borealis won the Audience Award for best foreign-language feature.

The 26th movie of Kossuth, Balázs Béla and Golden Bear Award winner Márta Mészáros was made in the production of Filmteam with the financial support of the Hungarian National Film Fund, staring Mari Törőcsik, Ildikó Tóth and Franciska Törőcsik. The story of the movie set in two timelines is about processing trauma in the shadow of 20th century history.

The movie can be seen in Hungarian cinemas since the 19th of October and still has a lot of viewers: in the first couple of days more than 12 thousand,

in ten days since the premier more than 24 thousand people have seen it in the movies.

The Chicago Film Festival, founded in 1964, is one of America’s oldest and most important film events. In the United States, the Chicago Film Festival was the first film festival where the International Film Critics’ Association formed a jury. 231 creators from 35 countries arrived at the two-week movie festival, including Jane Fonda, Patrick Stewart and Vanessa Redgrave as guests of honour.

Image: facebook.com/AuroraBorealisMozifilm/

Source: 24.hu

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