According to the result of the Cardo Nagy research on sleeping, neither active rest and vacations, nor the number of sleeping hours is satisfactory for us, Hungarians. The research was made by examining the sleeping and relaxation habits of 1000 Hungarian people – reported.

How many hours?

40% of the respondents sleep only 6-7 hours while 18% of the surveyed sleep less than 6 hours daily. Little more than 26% answered they usually sleep 7-8 hours and 16% of the respondents spend even more time with sleeping. Most of the respondents stated 8-9 hours spent with sleeping for the question about how many hours they could sleep if it depends only on them.

“The short amount of sleep is a significant risk factor of death that might happen for undefined reasons. On the one hand, the risk factor of death can double when somebody could regularly sleep only 4 or 5 hours daily compared to those who sleep 7 hours daily. The reason for that is that the shorter sleeping period assumes shorter resting period which eventually can lead to lower level of mental and physical health and to the decrease of resistance to diseases. On the other hand, the long sleeping period can also be a risk factor. The 8 hours daily sleeping hour can increase the risk of death that might happen for undefined reasons 1.3 times while the 9-hour-long sleep and the 10-hour-long sleep results in 1.5 times and double risk respectively”- Zoltán Szakács, the president of the Hungarian Sleep Diagnostic and Therapeutic Company noted.

How to sleep?

About the half of the surveyed need half an hour before falling asleep while 34% said they only need a couple of minutes, although more than 11% responded that they often wait one or two hours to fall asleep. What should we do in this latter case? Watching television, reading a book, drinking hot milk or herbal tea as well as meditating and counting from one to one hundred could help to quickly fall asleep. As for the whole sleeping period, it is only the beginning and only the 15% of the respondents declared that they sleep peacefully. Almost the half of the interviewed wake up sometimes but they usually sleep through the whole night. One third of the respondents wake up for every little noise thus they have no quiet nights. Moreover, 87% of the interviewed feel tired after waking up in the morning and the half of the questioned think that the relaxing sleep depends on bed mattresses. Nearly 60% get up immediately while 33% need some time (20-30 minutes) to get out of bed.

Where to snooze?

Interestingly, one third of the respondents said they have already fallen asleep at school or at work and 13% have already dozed off during sex. One third of the surveyed could sleep only in their own bed and 41% prefer sleeping alone while 59% with his/her partner. Although experts say sleeping on our back is the healthiest, most Hungarians sleep on their stomach or lying on their left or right side.

What kind of bed?

According to the, Hungarians prefer sleeping on medium-hard mattresses (38% of the respondents), on memory foam mattresses (31%) and organic mattresses (23%). Both the sprung and non-sprung types of mattresses and the soft mattresses are also preferred. Three quarters of the respondents know that there are special kind of beds and mattresses available that considered as therapeutic equipment. The most important aspects for choosing the mattresses are the comfort, health, quality and ventilation, surprisingly innovation is not an important aspect. Most people search for information on the Internet or at shops and gather information from their friends or from the TV. Interestingly, advertisements are not important for the Hungarian customers.

“Since an average customer does not changes his/her mattress every year, it should be considered what type of mattress to buy. Utmost consideration must be taken to whether the bed provides healthy support for the back and the spine. The ventilation is also important, since it raises the level of hygiene of the bed and eventually decreases the risks for allergic symptoms – Tamás Fülöp, the Sales and Marketing Manager of Cardo Ltd highlighted. ”

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