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Hungarian nature photographer Bence Máté’s photography won the category of birds at the ‘Nature Photographer of the Year’ competition. More than 10,000 photographs took part in the competition from 55 different countries.

According to, the winners of the competition were announced on the 10th and 11th of November at the Nature Photographers’ Festival in the Netherlands. More than 10,000 pictures took part in the competition in nine different categories. This contest is held every year, and the aim of it is to celebrate the artistry of nature photography.

The winners can win several prizes including 3000 dollars and professional photo equipment.

By entering this competition, participants also help to emphasise the fact that protecting the environment and animals is a serious matter. The pictures will be used for different kind of campaigns and in education as well. The winners will also have a photo exhibition at the festival before it travels through the Benelux Union.

This year, the category of birds was won by Bence Máté, who is a professional Hungarian nature photographer. Besides ‘Nature Photographer of the Year’, he has several other international prizes. For instance, in 2017, he got an award from National Geographic for his work. Also in the same year, he won 3rd prize with his series in the ‘Nature’ category at the 2017 World Press Photo Contest.

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The winning photograph entitled “Meeting point” (Source: (Photo by Bence Máté)

This is not the first huge success for a Hungarian photographer. Ferenc Lőrincz Jr., who is a Hungarian underwater photographer from Somogy County, was also awarded in 2017 at the 32nd International Festival of Diving Films and Photography in Slovakia. In 2015, Zsolt Kudich’s photo was declared the best nature photo of 2015 by the jury of Big Picture competition organised by one of the world’s largest natural history museums, the California Academy of Sciences.

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