Star Wars car, police, Hungary

Local authorities in Budapest with the help of some districts’ officers held up and then arrested the drivers of a particular automobile on the streets of the capital.

Highway gang theft
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HVG reported that on the night of July 3, the Hungarian police searched for speeding, illegal speeding races, and illegally redesigned vehicles on the streets of Budapest. The action was undergoing in the whole area of the capital. During the procedure, sixty-two drivers were caught for speeding, some of them drove with 123 km/h instead of 70 km/h. Furthermore, some drivers were caught for drunken driving while others did not obey the traffic rules. One of the drivers did not stop after seeing the police’s sign and continued driving. Authorities started to chase the vehicle to stop it. The man was caught, and it turned out that he is a wanted person by authorities in the country.

In another case, this peculiar Star Wars car — an illegally redesigned automobile with no official papers — was caught on the streets of Budapest.

Star Wars, car, Hungary, Budapest
Star Wars car, Hungary, police, Budapest

Huge Police raid in Budapest’s city centre – VIDEO

Two-day-long police raid has been carried out in Budapest’s city centre, including the party districts of the Hungarian capital – 6th and 7th districts. According to the Police, the action aimed to provide public safety and prevent drug-related crimes and arrest those who had been wanted by the police due to violent behaviour in the area concerned.



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