The victim’s strange and suspicious injury sparked a police investigation as the doctor she turned to suspected that she was forced to tell a lie about the nature of her injuries.

According to Police, it was a suspicious hand injury that first caught the attention of the police investigators of Erzsébetváros (Elizabeth City) in Budapest; a young woman escorted by her partner visited one of the hospitals in the capital on the 14th of November. She told the doctor that she had fallen on her hand while cleaning. The physician determined that the back of her left hand was broken. Police received information about the case that the patient may have kept the real circumstances of her injuries a secret, so an investigation was ordered on November 18th.

While the police were investigating the circumstances of the woman’s injuries, her 37-year-old partner caught the attention of the investigators.

It was suspected that Rafael N. had supported himself from his partner’s activities of prostitution for years.

Early in their relationship, the 37-year-old man persuaded his girlfriend to work as a prostitute and to give the money she got to him. Because of her emotional attachment, the young woman agreed to support her partner with sexual services, but later, she changed her mind and did not want to sell her body for her partner anymore. She told him this, but the man did not want to let his only source of income go, so he threatened her.

The investigation shed light on the fact that the man kept his girlfriend in constant mental terror, and he monitored her every move.

The perpetrator threatened her that he was going to sell her to another man and that he would hurt her mother. Another thing he used to corner his girlfriend with was the woman’s 16-year-old sister; the man said that he would drag the little sister to the capital and make her a prostitute as well. Rafael N. determined how much money her girlfriend needed to earn in a single day, and he frequently beat the woman. On the 14th of November, one such “dispute” escalated and he broke her hand.

The home of the 37-year-old man was raided by the detectives of the District 7 Police Department with the help of the Criminal Intelligence Unit on November 19th.

Following the detention of Rafael N., police investigators interrogated him as a suspect for the crime of domestic violence, as well as procuring and facilitating prostitution. The officers, along with his detention, made a motion for arrest. Investigators have placed the woman in safety, away from her residence.

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