Petro Poroshenko ordered sanctions against 400 individuals and 90 legal persons. The list of the banned can be read on the Ukrainian President’s website, said.

Among the undesirable persons, there are also Hungarian politicians and media personalities. Poroshenko said this is a response to the notification of the eastern Ukrainian insurgents, who announced municipal elections for the areas dominated by them. On the list, there are mostly Russian citizens, but there are also Ukrainians, leaders of rebel republics and residents of many European countries.

The sanctions restrict the use of property, access to bank account, those concerned cannot take any properties outside the territory of Ukraine, and they also have to calculate with visa restrictions (ban).

There are five Hungarian citizens on the expanded list. Politicians and journalists who, according to Ukraine, support Russia’s position in the Ukrainian conflict.

Marton Gyongyosi, Jobbik MP and Vice President of the National Assembly Foreign Affairs Committee
Adrienn Szaniszlo, foreign associate of Jobbik
Gabor Szeles, businessman, owner of Echo TV and Magyar Hirlap
Ferenc Szaniszlo, Echo TV presenter
Gabor Gyoni, editor of, lecturer and research fellow of ELTE Department of Russian Studies.

There is a Czech citizen, Gegalchij Aleksandr Viktorovich on the list. He is a businessman, publicist and advocate of the Pidkarpatska Rus Ruthenian republic, the Ukrainian government says he is the supporter of the Ruthenian separatism.

On the list, there are several associates of the British public broadcaster BBC, for example: Steve Rosenberg and Anton Chicherov. Israeli journalist Ronkin Alexander and Israeli political scientists  Avigdor Eskin and Eidelman David do not have to organize a trip to Kiev either.

Companies dangerous for Ukraine are Russian airline Aeroflot, cyber-security company Kaspersky Lab and financial institution Gazprombank, wrote.

Not the first time

In December 2014, Istvan Szavay, Vice-President of Jobbik was also banned from Ukraine. The representative then said about the incident:

“Recently arriving at the Ukrainian border I learned that I cannot enter the country for 5 years. The Ukrainian authorities did not justify their decision. This move affects my personal life as well, since my wife is a Transcarpathian Hungarian and Ukrainian citizen, so she has to spend Christmas away from her family, and I cannot visit my 2-year-old goddaughter as well.”

Earlier Protestant pastor Jr. Lorant Hegedus had the similar fate, he learned about being banned from the country at the Ukrainian border. He has not received any information or help from the Hungarian authorities so far.

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