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Hungary’s President János Áder praised the expertise and innovation of Hungarian doctors who had performed a series of surgeries to separate twins conjoined at the head in Bangladesh and Hungary earlier this year, the Hungarian news agency MTI reported on Thursday.

“Áder hosted a formal dinner at his residency in honor of the doctors who separated Bangladeshi Siamese twins conjoined at the head earlier this year,” MTI said.

“What happened over the 55,000 working hours of the past 23 months has shown yet again that we have highly skilled doctors and nurses who are not only able to keep up with science, not only stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and therapies, but who can lead to new, undiscovered roads,” Áder said at the event.

The team of Hungarian doctors recognized by Áder has successfully separated a pair of Bangladeshi twins conjoined at the head in a 30-hour operation that took place in August in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The series of surgical interventions had been organized by the Action for Defenceless People Foundation.

The twins, Rabia and Rukia, were 2.5-year-old when they arrived in Hungary on Jan. 5, 2019, with their family to undergo a series of plastic surgeries.

The plastic surgery was the second in the series of interventions that the twins had to undergo in order to be separated.

The third phase took place in Bangladesh, led by Dr. András Csokay, a renowned Hungarian neurosurgeon.

In September, Rabia had to go through a five-hour skull reconstruction operation and cosmetic surgery. Meanwhile, Rukia suffered brain hemorrhage 33 days after the separation and was listed in critical condition.

In October, she was released from intensive care and taken to a special ward to be with Rabia.

Source: Xinhua – BUDAPEST

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