Olcsva, Hungary. River Tisza: Romania and Ukraine are uncontrollably polluting rivers. Photo: MTI

President János Áder has written to his Ukrainian and Romanian counterparts complaining about large quantities of plastic bottles and other waste coming into Hungary via the Tisza and Szamos rivers.

Áder asked Volodymyr Zelensky and Klaus Johannis to intervene to get the authorities to deal with the matter.

The letters posted to the Office of the President’s website on Tuesday note that floods sent currently epidemiologically dangerous waste over the borders, with an impact on fishing and tourism as well as on wildlife.

The president noted the Hungarian government had turned to the authorities of the neighboring countries several times to little avail.

The main problem is waste dumping in the floodplains of rivers, he added.

The Tisza has been encumbered by 2,258 cubic meters of solid waste so far this year, Áder wrote. Fully 938 cubic meters of waste was removed from Szamos on June 13.

“I find it disappointing that the pollution … has not ceased,”

the presiden wrote, adding that the waste posed a lasting threat to the rivers’ fragile ecosystem. Áder said this was not worthy of European standards.

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Source: MTI

  1. This dumping waste into Hungary and the neighboring Carpathian Basin countries using Hungary as their cesspool with no thought or care of responsibility because “It’s not ‘their” country and it’s Hungary’s problem now. It shows their ignorance and intent when they stole part of the Carpathian Basin! This is what I have been talking about. The Carpathian Basin is an Ecological watershed Unit and needs to be managed accordingly. The earth rules, If the countries can’t take care of it they should not own it.
    This has to be addressed at the EU and UN level!!!

  2. Maybe Ader should also write a letter to his own government asking them to reduce car pollution by imposing taxes on older car, and introduce a congestion charge on all cities, halt the destruction of the Balaton by banning the oligarchs from building mega buildings, ban coal power generation (not in 2030), and ban all single use plastics now (not in 2021)… But let me guess, it will not happen. Coward and hypocrite.

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