The Product of the Year awards, known throughout the whole world, has been presented for the sixth time. Hungarian consumers assessed the products in 21 categories, the organizer told Szeretlekmagyarorszá

The awarded products were chosen based on GfK Hungary’s representative research analysing 2000 consumers’ opinion. The innovative products were scored by a group of experts, and then consumers also assessed them by categories.

According to the analysis of GfK, Szeretlekmagyarorszá notes, the winners of the fast moving consumer goods sector, who consciously managed their brands well, have achieved increase in sales after the year of receiving the award. According to their figures, sales have increased by 40% generally in this segment, in recent years.

Categories have also changed over the years. While in the first years of the contest FMCG categories dominated, and almost exclusively food, beverage, household chemicals, and personal hygiene products entered the competition, since then the spectrum has been broadened: over-the-counter products, clothing brands, services and home decoration products have also appeared.

The awarded products

Here come the Products of the Year:

DM’s Bio products in the category of bio food
Castello Bio product family in the category of bio baking ingredients
Hey-Ho product family in the category of fruit drinks
Héra Prémium Clean in the category of distempers
Pikok Pannonia in the category of cold cuts
Castellanos Gluten-free product family in the category of gluten-free products
Watt energy drink in the category of energy drinks
Hajdú Parenica in the category of parenica
CalciTrio effervescent tablet in the category of the best calcium effervescent tablet
Riska lactose-free product family in the category of lactose-free dairy products
Azon melegében’s mini baguette with olive fruits in the category of bakery

Also rewarded:

the Riceland Quinoa products
Béres Vita-D3 Forte 3000 NE pill among vitamins
Pécsi Beer Premium Lager among beer
Castello fit&well product family among reform food
XL-S Medical pills among body weight loss pills
Azon melegében’s bakery bestrewn with chia seeds
Bluedino lactose-free port-salute cheese among cheese
Kokárdás product family among dairy products
Just Veg! product family among sandwich spreads
Ági fruit syrup among fruit syrups


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