Hungarians live their lives in a bit more than 3 flats

Thet latest analysis of reveals that the most popular residential park is the one at Lajos Street. The study also drew some interesting conclusions. These include that the most expensive flats are in Újlipótváros: they usually cost 1560 euros per square meter. Among the flats in the countryside, the ones close to Budapest are the most popular, like in Érd or Pomáz. The most expensive flats are in Budaörs. Hungary’s cheapest flats can be found in Ózd, Komló or Mezőhegyes.

As reports, the analysis shows that flats are quite popular: they are often 30 percent cheaper than housings built with brick. Their upkeep has also decreased in the recent years, so the demand for flats is constantly increasing. There are huge differences between regions of Hungary and the districts of Budapest. The analysis examined the popularity of residential parks among those who seek housing. It was also dealing with the prices for which the flats in each city or district are being sold.

It was revealed that the residential park in Lajos Street of District III  was the most popular in Budapest, as’s chief financial expert, László Balogh, stated. The second place went to the residential park in Pillangó Street and the “bronze medal” was awarded to the one in Gyöngyösi Street in District XIII. We can also mention Nagy Lajos Király Street in District XIV, Káposztásmegyer in District IV and Újlipótváros and Vizafogó Street in District XIII.

The question of prices is a different issue. The most expensive flats are in Újlipótváros, where the average price per square meter is 1560 euros. The flats in Vizafogó Street in District XIII can also be considered expensive due to their cost of 1465 euros per square meter. The flats in Kelenföld, Albertfalva and Gazdagrét in District XI and in Rómaifürdő in District III are offered for an average 1320 euros per square meter.

The cheapest flats in Budapest are the ones in Újpalota, Békásmegyer, Újpest and Kaszásdűlő: their average price per square meter is between 940 and 1060 euros. The high prices in District III and XIII are due to the recent renewal of the energetics systems and the good traffic. Flats in District XI became more valuable after the introduction of Metro 4.

In the countryside, the most popular areas concerning flats were Érd and Pomáz, along with Vác.

The highest prices can be encountered close to the capital. Budaörs is the most expensive where the average price is 1272 euros per square meter. It is followed by Budakeszi and Solymár with 1246 and 1134 euros, respectively. The cheapest flats can be found in Komló, Ózd and Mezőhegyes, where the average price per square meter is 174-218 euros.

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