Seven-year record broken: many people started to advertise their property in Hungary

We are only at the beginning of the economic and energy crisis, but it is already affecting the property market in a strange way:

A positive change coming for the Hungarian real estate market?

There might be a positive turn-around for the Hungarian housing market. Lower apartment prices are forecasted.

3D printing adobe houses in Hungary

The ancient technique of adobe making might seem a revival as there is a growing interest in this material.

Hungarian real estate market is facing troubles

Risks and inflationary side-effects are mounting in the housing market, where demand is expected to fall in the short term. Read more here. #Hungary #Hungarian #business #finance #housing #realestate #money

Hungary ranks 3rd in Europe for ratio of homeowners

Central European countries are also in the top two!

Budapest real estate prices are sky-high!

In Budapest, new housing prices have significantly risen within only a year. There are districts where the annual price increase is close to 50 percent! Read our article for more information. #Hungary #Hungarian #Bubapest #realestate #housing #prices #increase