Park construction, market development, traffic alleviation, afforestation – writes that these will be the major investments in Budapest’s 3rd district (Óbuda) this year, as it turned out at Mayor Balázs Bús’s recent press conference.

The biggest investment is definitely going to be the development of the Békásmegyer market. A hall and an underground garage will be constructed along with a 4.8 billion-forints-worth state fund. The execution tenders are soon to be invited, the current market is planned to be replaced by a close-by parking lot for the two years of construction.

Mészkő Park’s development received a 380 million forints worth fund. The project was started by a civilian initiation and public planning. It will include everything the locals asked for: amphitheatre, relaxation garden, playground, doggy playground. The execution tenders for this project are also soon to be invited.

Flórián Square’s public panning has also started, 2000 dwellers were asked about their wishes. This was completed with a heritage preservation assessment. The project will consider both aspects, however, the resources are mostly still missing.

The configuration of traffic alleviated zones have also been started by civilian initiations. Out of the eight planned locations, Csillag Hill is coming up this year. The district also launches the renovation of four public places (Holdudvar Park, Derű Street Park, Lékai bíboros Square, Krúdy walk).

Mayor Balázs Bús believes that the most important projects are the buying of a dispensary X-ray machine and the renovation of the doctor’s office at Csobánka Square. Two schoolyards will also be reconstructed this year from 40 million forints.

Based on the previously conducted tree cadastre, there are 38,877 trees and 44,550 tree spots in the public places of Óbuda-Békásmegyer, meaning that there are 5,673 free spots which are signalled by parched trees, left-over clogs and pits. There are 945 parched trees, 1,833 clogs and 2,895 empty tree spots.

The first step is the cutting and replacement of trees in life-threatening conditions, to then plant 200 plus 65 new trees in the Mészkő Street Park. All in all, 325 new trees will be planted at the public places of Óbuda in 2017. The municipality also designed two big, wooded parks at the mine-fields of Testvérhegy parcel and Mocsáros parcel.

On the other hand, there’s also going to be tree-cutting. 246 trees will be cut down at the Csillag Hill Beach due to pool construction. The mayor said that this will be compensated by the planting of 500 trees. The reviving region is partly an industrial region, where it used to be “dirt and swamp”. People used to object to the closing of the beach, and now that it comes to renovation, they are still not pleased.

The withdrawal of the Olympic bid affects two planned sport establishments in Óbuda. According to the mayor, the Velodrom could stay, but they will probably have to say goodbye to the construction of the mountain bike course.


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