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Velence, 2018. szeptember 14. Kocsis Máté, a Fidesz (b) és Harrach Péter, a Kereszténydemokrata Néppárt (KDNP) frakcióvezetõje sajtótájékoztatót tart a frakciószövetség ülése után egy velencei szállodában 2018. szeptember 14-én. MTI Fotó: Koszticsák Szilárd

Hungary’s ruling parties will next week submit a draft resolution to parliament declaring the Sargentini report a “deceitful” document which the European Parliament “had to cheat to approve” and that Hungary will not allow itself to be stripped of its right to protect its borders, Fidesz‘s group leader said on Friday.

Speaking at a press conference at the end of a three-day meeting of the joint Fidesz-Christian Democrats parliamentary group in Velence, Máté Kocsis said the Sargentini report had been drafted and approved by “associates of [US financier] George Soros“.

“Soros’s mercenaries have stigmatised Hungary out of revenge” because Hungarians have made their views clear on illegal migration on multiple occasions, Kocsis insisted.

He said the Sargentini report violated the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty, so the Fidesz-KDNP group will ask the government to “take every possible legal step” to defend Hungary against the report.

Péter Harrach, KDNP’s group leader, said he believed the Hungarian MEPs who voted for the report were guilty of treason. He agreed that the report had been adopted with the help of “procedural tricks”.

He said

MEPs who voted to approve the report had been pressured by representatives of a “decadent ideology” that “condemns Hungary for wanting to create a normal world”.

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  1. Cheering on 12.09.2018 in the European Parliament after the adoption of the report on Hungary. The members of parliament will soon be applauded by parliamentary MP Derk Jan Eppink: They have awakened demons in Strasbourg that they do not rule. In fact, they are working towards the end of the EU. Derk Jan Eppink is NYC Senior fellow London Policy Center, columnist and former MEP for List Dedecker.
    Orbán unmoved by criticism: If necessary, we also face the EU. The European Parliament decided on 12.09.2018, with 448 against 197, to punish Hungary. That country may lose the right to vote in the Council. But it will not come that far. The key question is: why Hungary? The decision is selective and hypocritical. And eventually it can act as a crowbar to split the EU. Because ‘Mid-Europe’ thinks differently about the EU than Western Europe. These countries have already experienced a ‘Union’. Hungary then also came on an uprising. I have read the report by rapporteur Szargentini (Green, NL) carefully and I have always wondered: Why Hungary? Has President Orbán arrested opponents, banned parties and dismissed journalists? Is he a little Erdogan? Reduction of voting rights Hungary would be a big push for the country. I did not think so. One of Szargentini’s objections are ‘political appointments’ in the judiciary. In the Netherlands, the Council of State, the highest administrative body, is completely political. The judicial organization in Belgium, France and Italy knows or knew it for years. Parties kept ‘atoma notebooks’. I admit: it is better not. But Hungary is not an exception. Szargentini complained about party funding. In which country is that no problem? Belgium knows everything about it. Or French top-politicians are often in trouble due to campaign funding. Name Sarkozy. According to the rapporteur, the media are ‘biased’. That complaint is as old as the road to Rome. Hungarian members of Parliament would end up with intertwining interests in additional loops. The rapporteur must look around: 31% of the Members of the European Parliament are contributing. Some earn more than their parlementary wages. The bronze medal hangs around the neck of Mr. Verhofstadt, who waved off Szargentini’s praise. Is Hungary systemic threat to European values? The European Parliament is debating. The rapporteur sees a sentiment against Roma in Hungary. Not good. But Hungary is no exception. She calls it ‘anti-Gypsyism’. When Slovakian Roma emerged in Ghent in 1999 they were immediately deported by the government. Belgium was condemned by the European Court of Human Rights. Did anyone later raise the idea of denying Belgium the right to vote in the EU? Not that I know. Freedom of the press is always a delicate matter. Press concentration contains dangers. The Flemish written media are in the hands of a few figures; in distraction the Dutch written press too. Is Orbán sometimes angry with journalists. I have never known anything other than angry prime ministers. Some demand the dismissal. Press freedom has its margins. They are small in political journalism. Not only in Hungary. Orbán is a prime minister who has won a ‘super majority’ three times; in April 2018, his Fidesz earned 133 of the 199 seats. What a lot. But yes, the voter has spoken.
    Hungary is no longer giving food to asylum seekers at the Serbian border. Szargentini accuses Hungary of not respecting EU rules. I know more. France did not respect the budgetary norms of the euro zone for 14 years. It never even had an ear. ‘Because it is France’. Another criticism: Hungary does not use EU subsidies correctly. So I know a few more. Whoever throws the fishingnet so broadly that actually all 28 EU countries can go in and then only pull Hungary aboard, has a purpose. It is intent. Hungary fundamentally opposes the European asylum and immigration policy and refuses to participate in diversification plans for asylum seekers. Just like Poland and many other countries in ‘Mid-Europe’. They fear especially importing a situation that Western Europe already has. Integration problems and the threat of terror. That is why Poland and Hungary were the target of this European criminal exercise. In doing so, the European Commission and the European Parliament rely on the protection of ‘European Values’. against Spain. Well against Hungary. Where again again? The Dutch European Commissioner Frans Timmermans, the face of the ‘European Values policy’, is the architect of actions against Poland and Hungary. Meanwhile he is speaking with candidate country Turkey to arrange visa-free access to the Schengen area for the Turks. The country that has locked most journalists after China. Hungary is obviously worse than Turkey. Timmermans lost the North. Shame for racist thoughts has disappeared due to lack of political decency The criminal action against Hungary will turn out wrong. Poland and/or Italy will veto the European Parliament’s proposal in the Council. Szargentini and Timmermans are renewing ‘Mid-Europe’ against the EU without realizing it. The anti-EU feeling will move from the United Kingdom to Central and Eastern Europe. These countries have a different historical experience than Western Europe. After Hitler Germany they received another 40 years of Soviet visit. That left its mark and as soon as they get the feeling that again from a power center things are imposed that they do not want, they go ‘in the resistance’. They are willing to go to a breaking point, they have shown that to Moscow. Szargentini, Timmermans and the cheering members of the European Parliament have awakened demons in Strasbourg that they do not control. In fact, they are working towards the end of the EU.

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