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Conditions and ratios of income in Hungary are frequently compared with that of Romania. News are constantly filled with where there are higher salaries, lower taxes, or generally which country’s economic satiation is better. Now, data reveals that Hungarians’ wages are worth more.

News spread recently that the purchasing power in Romania is higher than in Hungary. This was based on statistics that revealed that the purchasing power was around 10.4 thousand Euros in Bukarest, while the same was around 9.2 thousand Euros in Budapest, Világgazdaság reports.

Purchasing power parities (PPPs) are indicators of price level differences across countries. They indicate how many currency units a particular quantity of goods and services cost in different countries.

However, Eurostat data reveals that

the average gross wages in Hungary (calculated based on the purchasing power parities) are around 13,824 Euros, which is actually higher than the average gross salary in Romania. If we look at the average net wages, Hungary’s numbers are 20% higher than that of Romania.

In fact, Hungary’s index is better not only than Romania but also overtakes Croatia, Latvia, Slovakia, Lithuania and Bulgaria.

Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union. It publishes official, harmonised statistics on the European Union and the euro area, offering a comparable, reliable and objective portrayal of Europe’s society and economy. A vast range of data is available for the EU as a whole and also for the Member States.


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