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The American Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which was selected the fifth best university in the world, made its annual list (MIT Technology Review) where the institute ranks the best 35 most talented scientists under 35. Among approximately 1000 applicants, the list features a Hungarian scientist, called Doctor Kristóf Szalay, who makes great efforts in finding the cure for cancer with the help of artificial intelligence. These young scientists would like to make the world a better place through their incredible researches.

According to Forbes Magazine, the best scientists in Europe received their awards in Paris at an innovation conference held by the university. Kristóf Szalay, who specialises in the field of systems biology, reported that:

“We are standing on the edge of a biotechnological revolution which is like the revolution of computers and the Internet, which happened in the 1980s. If we manage to solve the mysteries of biology, we are going to face an incredible and efficient improvement in this field, and turn it into an engineering science as well.”

He added, that if we manage to broaden our knowledge in cell biology, then instead of taking medicines and treatments to beat cancer, we will be able to replace our infected body parts to healthy ones with this brand new, futuristic technology.

The young Hungarian scientist’s invention would like to introduce the construction of human cells by computer simulation technology. While the field of engineering can use digital simulations, the field of biology has not used this technology before, because of the lack of knowledge and information in this technological field, which could simulate different kind of medicines and treatments and their predicted effect on the human body.

In order to make this brand-new technology successful, Kristóf Szalay – and three colleagues of his – established a brand-new company called Turbine, which already contributed to several international medical projects.

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