Paris, March 25 (MTI) – Hungary’s Eszter Farkas has been awarded UNESCO-L’Oreal’s Rising Talent Grant to support further achievement as a young scientist.

The honour was presented to Farkas at a ceremony under the organisation’s Women in Science programme in Paris on Thursday evening.

Farkas, who works at Szeged University, in southern Hungary, received the 15,000 euro grant in support of further research aimed at working out therapies to mitigate stroke-related brain injury. Farkas told MTI she plans to use the grant to purchase new equipment and hire new colleagues.

The Rising Talent Grant was established in 2014 to support younger women who are in the early stages of their scientific careers.

European Commission data show that the proportion of women working as researchers in science is 33 percent across the EU. In 2010, 46 percent of Hungarian doctoral degree-holders were women, yet only 15 percent were inducted into the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Whereas the number of women scientists increased by an annual 4.8 percent in the EU between 2005-2011, the figure in Hungary was only 1.5 percent during the period, the EC data show.


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