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Matyodesign is a Hungarian business, making various hand-embroidered souvenirs, clothing items, and accessories. Considering the current coronavirus pandemic, they have started to sell and donate reusable masks in two different designs: ‘flowers of hope’ and ‘the bird of hope’.

The balance between urban and country life has always played an important role in the life of Rozi Váczi, the founder of Matyodesign. In 2010, this duality inspired her to create her own brand. Váczi explained that her main goal was to incorporate traditional Hungarian cultural elements into today’s fashion world. Since then, Matyo embroidery has been included on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage.

matyodesign embroidered mask

“We create products that are majestic in design, have a high standard of quality, and celebrate the individuality of the Matyodesign culture. It is our mission to keep the Matyo culture alive with ethical business practices and by creating sustainable income opportunities for the Matyodesign artisans,” said Váczi in connection with the brand’s mission.

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The family business provides work to 27 local women in Tard, a small, northeastern Hungarian village, reported Szeretlek Magyarorszag. The handmade souvenirs, clothes, and accessories are now sold in 25−30 stores − mainly hotels and gift shops – and on the brand’s webshop. Although the business has shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it managed to adapt to the current circumstances.

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We all hope that the coronavirus pandemic will end soon and that the current hardships will enrich us with new experiences and feelings. The colourful flowers and birds symbolise this hope. Besides, you can help 27 Hungarian artisans save their jobs with your order. Matyodesign has also shared on its Facebook page that the small packages containing cotton fabric, elastic bands, and embroidery thread are put on the gates of the seamstresses to avoid close contact with others. They also wanted to help local residents and donated 50 hand-embroidered masks to the mayor’s office in Tard.  

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  1. Delightful – we can ALL do with a bit of Colour and Movement in our lives at present, and anything we do thinking that it will bring joy or a smile on the face to our fellow Hungarians and others should please us.

  2. Try contacting the brand’s sales department about international shipping options.

  3. I would like to buy a mask from yiu for my Hungarian friend. It’s the beautiful white one. How much is US dollars, plus shipping, please? Thank yiu four your kind reply.

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