Budapest, July 1 (MTI) – Hungary is forced to protect its southern border, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said after a joint Hungarian-Serbian government session in Budapest on Wednesday.

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The prime minister insisted that Hungary’s measures to defend its border “are not aimed against Serbia or the Serbian people”.

Hungary wants to maintain and expand its legal border crossings, and will not close the border at all but “we will do all we can to stop illegal border crossings,” Orban said.

Hungary is in “dire straits” as “the new wave of migration” is not just coming from the south, but “there is an intent to send back illegal border crossers to Hungary from the west, too”, he said. “As uncomfortable as it may be, we are forced to protect Hungary’s southern border,” the prime minister said.

Serbia is proud of and happy with its good relations with Hungary, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said, adding that the effort the two countries have put into developing their relations could not be undone by the fence the Hungarian government is planning to build along the border.

Vucic said that it is especially important for neighbouring countries to be on good terms in difficult times, adding that Hungary is a “great friend” to Serbia.

Although Serbia is not happy about the fence on the border with Hungary, it is hopeful of easing the tension at the Serbian-Macedonian border with help from Hungary, he said.

Vucic said Serbia was happy for Hungary’s achievements, arguing that a successful, developed and stable Hungary is essential for his country’s success.

Photo: MTI


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