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The name of Milán Radisics may sound familiar to some readers, as he is a well-known Hungarian photographer who regularly works for the National Geographic magazine, and last year, he was the winner of the 37th Hungarian Press Photo Competition.

But he is relatively new to the field of short films, which makes it all the more impressive that his very first short film titled Art of Pollution has won numerous awards at several prestigious film festivals, such as the Barcelona Film Festival, the Indie Short Awards in Seoul, the Berlin Flash Film Festival, Nature Without Borders in Nassau, Delaware, the Best Shorts Competition, the Indie Short Fest, and the Independent Short Awards in California.

“It’s a great honour to have received so much acclaim for my short film as a first-time filmmaker, but the real joy for me is that this way, the message that we all need to change our lifestyles very, very quickly reaches a lot of people,”
the creator said, according to

The short film presents various contaminated areas across Europe through aerial photographs, in an abstract way from a unique perspective.

In just under 4 minutes, the work presents spectacularly, almost artistically, the tailings ponds, mines, and landfills, which are the result of increased demand and industrial overproduction.

By presenting these contaminated areas from this new, unique perspective, the creator wanted to shed light on how little attention we pay to protecting our environment and how much space there is on earth that most of us do not see, so we do not even know how drastically we are destroying our habitat.

However, there is a huge duality in the portrayal, so as we watch the film, we can feel that the areas shining in different colours are beautiful and, at the same time, provide a terribly frustrating sight.

The film is not only visually pleasing, the music of the Hungarian cellist Kalmus Felician, called “Agung”, perfectly resonates with the surprising visual world and plays a very important role in creating the atmosphere.

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