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The program developed at the Semmelweis University’s Heart Centre can foresee what kind of treatment or surgery a patient is going to need.

The software tells the probability of death in the case of patients suffering from heart diseases, reported. The artificial intelligence behind the program does a risk evaluation and calculates the chances the patient has of surviving after their pacemaker is implanted. It only needs the medical data of the patient ranging from their weight to their blood sugar or EKG data. Based on these, it can calculate when the risky phase will come and warns the doctors or the hospital.

Therefore, the patient can receive proper medical treatment in time. Dr Béla Merkely said that they can save thousands of lives with the software developed at the clinic. Dr Márton Tokodi, one of the developers, said that they designed the program using their experiences and the data of their patients so

it can serve as a decision-helping tool for the doctors.

Since the program monitors the state of the patient 0-24, it can mark when there is an urgent need for intervention with, for example, new medicines. Furthermore, it can help draw up the medical future of each patient for 5 years so it is a good basis for long-term treatments. In the prestigious European Heart Journal, the designers already published a paper about how the system works, in which they highlighted that the system has already been used in the case of 40 people, but they want to ease the life of at least 500 patients per year.


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