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Puli Space Technologies would like to bring all information about the Hungarian Golden Team sealed in a time capsule to the Moon because that is how their deeds will never vanish.

The Mighty Magyars (Golden Team) refers to the Hungarian national football team of the 1950s which defeated England in London 6 to 3 and recorded 42 victories, seven draws, and just one defeat between 1950 and 1956. Under the Elo rating system,

they achieved the highest rating recorded by a national team

(2,230 points, 30 June 1954), just ahead of 2nd-place Germany (2,223 points, 13 July 2014).

According to hvg, thanks to NASA’s CLPS (Commercial Lunar Payload Services) program, privately-owned shuttles can soon land on the surface of the Moon. Of course, such devices can go not only to achieve scientific purposes but also to accomplish art or cultural projects, like placing a photo or some music on the surface of the Moon in time capsules. Puli Space Technologies, a Hungarian company, would like to take part in that project and would like to bring their so-called Téridő package on the Moon.

Téridő is a collection of microfilms containing thousands of pages, and they would like to

include the story of the Hungarian Golden Team in it in 2,000 characters:

the matches, the trainers, and the players. Of course, the Hungarian Football Federation and the Golden Team Corps also take part in the project.

They would like to put one part of the documents into the Memory of Mankind (MOM) time capsule which is in the oldest salt mine of Europe in Hallstatt, Germany. The other part would be on the Moon taken by the Astrobotic company’s landing unit, Peregrine.

Tibor Pacher, leader of Puli Space, said that scientists not only research but listen to music, read books, watch films, and go to exhibitions. That is why they work, besides their scientific projects, on the technology of the Téridő package. He added that, if they succeed,

Hungary can join the countries capable of reaching the Moon and can take part in the utilisation of the resources there, which is vital in an economy built on innovation.

You can help with the success of the project HERE.

Source: hvg.hu

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  1. Has anyone ever heard of Erno Heredi, he played football with the greats of the 1950’s, I had the pleasure to be on the same field with him here in the USA, outstanding human being, I will remember him as long as I live.

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