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Hungarian teams have achieved success at the Budapest semi-finals of Hungary’s first Women Start-up Competition. Its objective is to support women who found companies, and to emphasize the importance of women’s presence in the start-up sector, reports.

The competition is open to both men and women. There is only one strict condition: at least half of the start-up teams have to consist of women. Since the first competition, the numbers of entrants has tripled: in the previous years, winner enterprises received a source of investment of 1,360,000 Dollars, informs. The finals are held in London and meeting with stakeholders are great opportunities for start-up teams to build relationships, and to get to know themselves at an international level.

The Hungarian MagikMe was selected as a finalist among seven other teams, so they are going to take part in the finals taking place in London. The company manufactures playground equipment that can be used either by healthy children and ones with disabilities. Their core objective is to make entertainment available for those families bringing up a disabled child, as well.


A further aim is to launch the process of social integration in the life of children as early as possible. According to, MagikMe has proved that it is possible to manufacture equipment that entertain every child, and that meet the safety standards and the needs of both healthy children and the ones with disability. Currently, they are present on the market with two products, but they are now developing the third one, called “Trio” swing. MagikMe’s team includes a child psychologist, an expert in communication, an organizational developer, a promoter and a creative professional.


HeatVentors won the second place. The team is working on an eco-conscious heat-energy generator which operates with low carbon monoxide emission and is low-cost. Gather Interior became the third. The team is working on the development of an application that assists in the functional and aesthetic arrangement of living spaces without including a professional.

Tamás Müller founder of the competition told

I am delighted that a team, proving that social sensitivity and a professional business model are factors that do not exclude each other, has become a finalist among teams competing in Budapest, and has taken one large step in the direction of international success.

Learn more on the website of Women Startup Competition.


Photos:, Facebook/Women Startup Competition

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