The Hungarian National Asset Management Inc. decided to put the world-famous Hungarian porcelain manufactory, Hollóházi, on sale, which has an approximately 240-year-old history. The government has spent millions on its development but did not manage to achieve any significant results.

On December 19, 2019, the Hungarian National Asset Management announced in one of their reports that the legendary Hungarikum, the Hollóházi porcelain manufactory, was put on sale with a 100% quota, wrote Napi.

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The price of this quota is approximately 175 million HUF (514 thousand EUR).

Anyone who is interested in buying Hollóházi should enter with 44 million HUF (129 thousand EUR) of auction insurance until January 10. After this, the offers can be made and increased by 400 thousand HUF (1,174 EUR) between January 14–16. Customers need to ensure that they would preserve Hollóházi as a Hungarikum and to keep its original task, which is producing different kinds of household ceramics.

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Hollóházi was established to preserve the culture and history of Hungarian porcelain manufacturing. The company mostly sells these products in Hungary. The centre of Hollóházi is located in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County. The company has stores in the following Hungarian cities: Budapest, Győr, Hévíz, Miskolc, Nyíregyháza, Szeged, and Debrecen.

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The National Asset Management decided to sell Hollóházi because of the lack of development, customers, and export. Although the government provided millions of Hungarian forints to keep the business going, it did not take any steps ahead. The number of employees in 2016 was approximately 146, but in three years, this number decreased and stopped around 100.

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It has also been reported that the company’s marketing strategy is outdated, and there have been quality matters with the produced and sold products as well. The brand of Hollóházi is considered to be old-fashioned and did not manage to come up with new ideas in the past.

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