Russians launched a Europe-wide propaganda campaign by using students. They gathered students from Gábor Dénes College and Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), wrote.

A Russian-Hungarian co-produced video began to spread, where Hungarian students ask the help of the UN against the USA, referring to the war actions of the American superpower and also ask for an international investigation against Barack Obama. Most of the students attend Gábor Dénes College, but there are ELTE and high school students as well.

The propaganda was read out in an unprofessional way with English subtitles. The errors in the text and the whole transcript are revealing. The names seem to be transcribed according to Russian spelling.

The video was uploaded by a new YouTube user, and it was posted by the ‘Kiállunk Oroszország mellett’ Facebook page – which is one of the main Russian propaganda sites in Hungary. It was also uploaded to Odnoklassniki and vkontakte social sites. found the original video, too. The text and the subtitles are exactly the same here, and it was uploaded by the woman youth organization called ‘Officers’ Daughters’. Their first appearance was when they marched with the portrait of Putin, with the help of the youth organization ‘Putinist Set’ (Network), in Sevastopol, after the Russian occupation of Crimea. could contact one of the Hungarian students who appeared in the video. He applied for an ad published on vkontakte, probably by the ‘Set’. He said that he was contacted by young Russians who asked him to translate the Russian text into Hungarian, and also organize a group with 6 additional people to make the video.

After that the Russians finished the video. They also sent a video to the Hungarian student (our source) which was referred to as the basis of the whole video campaign. But it was just uploaded – by the Putinist Set – the previous day.

Here you can see the video which already involves 15 countries’ students:

Photo: A magyar diákok üzenete az ENSZ nek YouTube

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