Thai Seafood Curry

46 days have passed since the death of a healthy man, but Tibor’s case remains a mystery to the public. The cause of the 41-year-old man’s passing away was still not revealed. Tibor was on vacation with his fiance in Thailand when he died soon after having a seafood dinner in a local restaurant. According to Blikk, the family did not receive the results of the recent autopsy.

The pathological examination was carried out in Thailand, and the relatives of the deceased were waiting in patience. They demanded another autopsy in Hungary as well, but they were told that it was not possible.

The most likely explanation is that Tibor died of food poisoning.

Finally, they have received the permission for repeating the dissection. They have been waiting for the Hungarian pathologists to announce the cause of the death.

After one and a half months Tibor can finally rest in peace. A lot of people are expected to attend his funeral at the cemetery of Kecskemét. Neither his fiancé nor his mother could get over the case.

Tibor and his fiancé were spending a vacation in Pattaya, Thailand in a luxury hotel in January when the incident occurred. The man had his last dinner in one of the hotel’s restaurants along with his four companions. Though he has never been fond of seafood, he decided to have some that night, including a bit of snake mackerel.

His fiance woke up soon after going to bed that Tibor had a terrible nausea.

He fainted a little bit later.  The woman alerted one of their friends and went to the reception with Tibor to ask for medical help, but they did not get any.  There was no one among the staff members in the luxury hotel who was skilled in lifesaving. Tibor was lying in front of the reception desk, while one of his friends was trying to place him in a recovery position and kept massaging his chest. The ambulance arrived only after forty minutes of waiting, and it took him to a private hospital.

They could not help the Hungarian man: he has passed away not much after arriving at the hospital.

The theory that food poisoning caused his death is supported by the fact that when a snake mackerel’s flesh begins to decompose, a toxin is produced. The symptoms can vary personally from a headache through nausea and sweat to blurred vision and difficulties in breathing — and, eventually, death.


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