Hungary Dominica rape police

Two Hungarians are suspected by local police of having raped a 65-year-old woman who spent her honeymoon in the Dominican Republic.

According to Hvg, the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade acknowledged that local authorities arrested two Hungarian citizens but did not reveal any details, emphasising that the case is still under investigation. The local police suspect them of raping a 65-year-old American woman who was on her honeymoon on the island. According to the ministry, the Hungarian honorary consul in Havana (Cuba) is helping the two Hungarians and their families. They are continuously in touch and, for example, the consul

was already able to find an attorney for them.

The Dominican Republic welcomed 6.5 million tourists in 2018.

The two Hungarian men are waiting for the decision of the local court in remand.

Based on the information of Blikk, however, they stated that they had simply satisfied the woman, but they regretted it afterwards. The sexual act was later reported to the police by the woman’s husband, and only two days later did the woman say that it was rape.

The magazine wrote that if the two men are found guilty, they can be held in one of the 42 Dominican prisons. However, these are all overcrowded, and there are more than twice as many prisoners as there is room available for them. In the Dominican Republic,

everything depends on contacts and money.

If they can pay enough, they can leave the country in a couple of days.

Otherwise, they can be imprisoned even if they are not guilty. And for a foreigner, a prison sentence can easily become a life sentence since riots and gang fights are frequent in the prisons, so without money and good contacts, one can easily be murdered.


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