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The Hungarian couple created a gang with many couriers, and they controlled everything from Liverpool.

Police says that they have been living in England for months on the money they stole from old people, controlling a whole network of a gang, Index reported. There were 10 warrants of arrest issued against the man for different types of crime, for example, fraud, violence, and being a member of crime organisations.

He was wanted by

a court and two police headquarters, including the Budapest Metropolitan Police.

The 34-year-old man and the 30-year-old woman were specialised in rooking old Hungarians. They called their victims from England and said that one or more of their relatives were in danger/trouble or they suffered an accident so they must send money immediately. Therefore,

the victims gave up to millions of HUF (EUR 3-4-5,000)

to the couriers the couple sent for the money from Liverpool.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Hungarian and the British police, the couple was identified and caught in their Liverpool apartment on November 22nd. They were taken into custody, but the court will decide only later whether they will extradite them to Hungary or not.

As we reported before, hundreds of thousands of mostly young citizens have left Hungary recently because of the low wages at home. Of course, they left a lot of mostly old relatives behind, so many crime gangs were created who deceive old people with fake news about their relatives working far away from them and ask for a lot of money.

Source: index.hu

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