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The General Assembly of Erzsébetváros passed a silence decree last Thursday, which would regulate the opening hours at night more strictly than ever before. Now the workers of the party district are protesting.

The new decree would see the bars being closed between 12 AM and 6 AM, starting in two months, as we have reported before. It would also regulate restaurants and shops on Király street, Erzsébet boulevard, Rákóczi way and Károly boulevard, as they can only be open between 12 AM and 6 AM if they request and receive a permit for it. Also, shops are not allowed to stay open unless they do not sell alcohol between 10 PM and 6 AM.

Like many other things, the nightlife has greatly suffered due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Budapest was not immune to that either, reported Index.

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Budapest’s nightlife has suffered a fatal wound during the COVID-19 pandemic, and lost its life to the last wound received from headless district ordinances and public conditions,” the organisers of the “The Funeral and Resurrection of the Night in Budapest” event.

The founder and owner of Szimpla, Ábel Zsendovits, was on Index Kibeszélő last Friday, where he announced the workers will also organise a demonstration against the measures by the local government under Péter Niedermüller’s name.

The demonstration to solve the problems, organised by the local nightclubs will take place on July 29, Wednesday, starting at 4:30 PM.

“All caterers, cooks, musicians, DJs, producers, collectives, club owners, cleaning ladies, bouncers, actors, artists, writers and poets, goos, technicians, dubsteppers, rockers and rappers, all-night bus drivers, nurses, couriers, promoters, sound technicians, creatives, old and young people alike” are welcome to the demonstration according to the Facebook event.

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  1. It concerns me, the rapid escalation of this situation.
    Previously in comments, amongst other points that my writing outlined, included was the IMPORTANCE of finding a middle ground position.
    There is validness of argument justly and correctly presented by the principal parties that this decision impacts.
    The General Assemble of Erzsebetvaros passed “silence” decree last Thursday, is “stacked” or “un-balanced”, that muchly benefit the District in it’s powers and control of what this area of Budapest, provides for tourist and those employed in the various business operations and the business operators.
    We must not rescind retract to past decades prior 1989, but use mentality of creativity geared clear thinking of Budapest, Hungary growing developing rapidly in reputation for it’s fun and broadsheet entertainment.
    If the decree is enforced, it will bury this part of Budapest.
    There will be long term vile ramifications, if this decree is followed through on, which includes lifestyle and quality of life of hundreds that are the employees within the business operations that this decision has been enforced upon.
    There in all probability will be business closures adding further to the vacancy high levels of buildings that are in this district.
    Back around the table, work together, drive conversation around give and take – win -win situations and outcome, all parties focused to find a middle ground, as there is much to lose for us all in Budapest, Hungary if this decree is followed through, especially the challenges we ALL have living our lives in this novel coronavirus pandemic time in history.
    Stay Well – ALL.

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