Greece Fire
Verori, 2018. július 25. Tûzoltók és önkéntesek dolgoznak a bozóttûz megfékezésén a Lutraki város közelében fekvõ Verorinál 2018. július 24-én. A görögországi erdõtüzek halálos áldozatainak száma 74-re emelkedett, 187-an megsérültek. (MTI/EPA/Vaszilisz Pszomasz)

The great Greek fire is one of the biggest tragedies the country had to face in the past years: until now, experts know about more than 70 victims and 150 injured. As Szeretlekmagyarorszá writes, there were several Hungarians close to the tragedy.

700 people were evacuated from the beaches and rocky areas in Mati, near Athen, as the fire came, cars melted and villages disappeared from the map.

Several Hungarian tourists could witness as the national grief swept over the country.

According to Levente Györgypál, spending his holiday in Athen with his mother, the happy and friendly Greeks are down in the dumps. Also, some ambulance men and fire-fighters are still out there where the tragedy happened.

Another Hungarian tourist was very lucky to stay offset in a motorway resting area as they escaped the great fires during the night. It was only when they finally returned to their reserved accommodation that they received news regarding the burnt shores and the village. In June, Budapest had also had its share of fire, but luckily, nothing that could be compared to what happened in Greece.

According to fire investigator expert Csilla Csepregi, in these cases, a car could be the best shelter with the windows closed and also using wet blankets can be helpful. Fortunately, as the local Hungarian consulate reports, there are no reports about Hungarian victims or injuries. It is not the first time that environmental change caused incidents.

Authorities have asked everyone to avoid Rafina, Mati, Nea Voucasz and Nea Makri villages.

Photo: MTI/EPA/Vaszilisz Pszomasz

Source: Szeretlekmagyarorszá

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