The English Times Higher Education’s 2019 ranking about the best universities in the world has been revealed. The good news is that many Hungarian universities are part of this ranking, with excellent scores.

According to, Semmelweis University in Budapest is among the best 400 universities in the world. In Europe, the university is among the best 200 on the continent. The University of Pécs is among the best 500, and the University of Szeged and Debrecen are among the best 600.

In the category of the arts and liberal arts, Eötvös Loránd University is among the best 301-401 universities on the list. The Corvinus University of Budapest also received the best 301-401th place in the category of sociology, politics and international studies.

In the field of communication and media science, besides Corvinus, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Eötvös Lóránd University are also among the best.

In the category of economic studies, the Corvinus University of Budapest is the only one from Hungarian universities in the ranking, with the best business and management program.

While researchers are making this ranking about different kinds of universities, five points are taken into consideration – educational environment, researching, popularity, financial returns and international orientation – ranked with thirteen efficiency index related to the fields a particular university has.

The top of this ranking has been taken by Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard for years. The Imperial College of London, Stanford, John Hopkins, Bekerly, Colombia and the University of Melbourne are among the best ten universities in the world.

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