Hungarian universities prepare for an ordinary but in some way unusual autumn semester start. The coronavirus epidemic is still active in every point of the world, including Hungary, which means that all institutions need to prepare new rules, precautions. 1.5 meters of distance, masks, more places to fertilise and no lectures with the vast number of students; some of the changes all university students need to face from September.

In every university, keeping the 1.5 meters of distance is mandatory. If someone experiences the symptoms of the coronavirus or other diseases, then entering the buildings of the university and their areas are forbidden. Wearing masks will be mandatory for students, teachers and all the other employees of the institutions during lectures and dealing with student affairs during opening hours of the universities’ offices. Many institutions prepare a so-called hybrid education plan which means that some courses will be held in person but some with the help of online methods. Regarding international students, all Hungarian universities must provide them with the opportunity to complete the following semesters through distance learning methods. 

At the Corvinus University of Budapest, for example, “lectures of more than 200 students are going to be recorded in the University’s studio; the videos are going to be post-processed as well”. At the Eötvös Lóránd University, the leaders decided not to oblige tutors over 65-year-old to hold classes in person. 

Student support services will deal with student matters during the usual schedule, but many institutions ask students to contact them online first as their issue might not need personal contact at all but can be arranged by sending some e-mails. Those who need to visit the offices in person are obliged to wear a face mask and to fertilise their hands as often as possible. Therefore all institutions are going to install more fertiliser areas inside the buildings, clean more often and provide special fertilising soaps at restrooms.

Regarding dormitories, from this September on, the buildings are going to operate at full capacity; however, universities can only accommodate those students who are able to find a Hungarian place of residence or stay in case the dormitories need to be closed.

As a university student, I can say that many of us are looking forward to going back to the university building and getting used to the good old uni-feeling again. Still, it is going to be unusual and challenging to get used to the pressure the epidemic puts on us. Seeing everyone walking around in masks and also the uncertain situation that we might need to stay at home again has a huge effect.

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Corvinus University becomes first AMBA accredited business school in Hungary

Press release – Corvinus University of Budapest has received accreditation from renowned AMBA, the Association of MBAs. This international organisation is one of the world’s leading authorities on postgraduate business education. Fewer than 300 business schools in the world hold this accreditation, the first in Hungary being Corvinus.


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Source: Daily News Hungary, Corvinus University of Budapest, Eötvös Lóránd University

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