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The “Év Bortermelője Magyarországon” (Hungarian Vintner of the Year) is the most prestigious award a vintner can receive in Hungary. The Magyar Bor Akadémia (Hungarian Wine Academy) is the prestigious organisation that selects the vintner of the year each year. Hungarian Vintner of the Year in 2017 is Mátyás Szőke from the Mátra vine region, Szeretlekmagyarország reports.

Hungarian wine among the best in the world again

Winner of “Vintner of the Year 2017” had been announced by the Hungarian Wine Academy on 7 December. This award is given following many criteria, it is not only the quality of one particular wine that matters. The academy looks at the vintners’ achievements through a longer period of time (several years), all of their wines have to be consistently of high quality, vintners’ domestic and international achievements are looked at, and of course the efforts they have made for the profession are also taken into consideration.

This is the most prestigious award within the profession a vintner can receive in Hungary.

Mátyás Szőke is the first vintner from the Mátra wine region to ever win this award in the award’s 27-year-old history. He deserved the title with his excellent wines and all the hard work he has done as a vintner. He has been producing wine since the 1970’s. Currently, he is working together with his son.


“Wine is a unique product. It has a soul, a personality, a history. It develops and becomes stronger and wiser in its bottle, and it eventually dies. Fruit rots, flowers wither, food goes bad, but wine is the only thing that is like a human, even in its passing.”

Mátyás Szőke’s wines have been acknowledged many times in domestic competitions. His red wine has been selected as the most beautiful red wine within the Mátra wine region several times. His Chardonnay received the Champion Award at VinAgora International Wine Competition. His most famous wines are his Chardonnay, Muscat, Ottonel, Irsai Olivér and Merlot. His wines are marketed abroad as well, not just in Hungary.


What can you expect if you visit Mátyás Szőke’s winery?

“We welcome everybody. This does not only mean a nice wine tasting, but I really like to make sure that each and every person gets home with a long-lasting experience.”


“As part of the wine-tasting, visitors can take a look at the winery from the inside, can learn more about wine making procedures and technologies, and of course taste the wines that we make. I find it important to keep a personal contact with my customers. It gives me strength and joy when I see that visitors have a great time at our place and that they truly enjoy our wines.”

The top 6 vintners who were running for the Hungarian Vintner of the Year 2017 award:

  • Winner: Mátyás Szőke – Mátra wine region
  • Csaba Koch – Hajós-Baja wine region
  • István Jásdi – Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region
  • Mihály Figula – Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region
  • István Szepsy, Jr. – Tokaj wine region
  • Tamás Borbély – Badacsony wine region

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