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According to, Csaba Koch winemaker in Baja (South Hungarian region) is the first Hungarian who has been dubbed a knight and became the member of the French Escoffier Gastronomy Knighthood.

The Escoffier Gastronomy Knighthood was established in 1954 and has approximately 30 thousand members worldwide. When someone becomes the member of this knighthood, the ceremony includes giving a ribbon to the recipient. Chefs receive an emblematic red ribbon, blue ribbon for gastronomes and green ribbon for manufacturers like Csaba Koch. After becoming a member, the Knights’ duty is to spread and improve the prime gastronomy all across the world.

In Hungary Csaba Koch is the first winemaker who received this unique distinction. The reason for this is not only his hard work but also his white and red wines which represent excellent quality and taste. This is not the first French-related success the Hungarian wine culture achieved.

Auguste Escoffier is the most famous and iconic person of French gastronomy. He died at the age of 89 in 1935. He made the French cuisine famous worldwide by introducing a new method which meant giving up the genteel style of French gastronomy ensuring it a huge amount of freshness. He made cooking a praised activity. He was the first man, who changed the dining habits in France by creating a new philosophy. This means that every dish was served after another, and not at the same time in the French restaurants. After opening his first restaurant in Cannes, he established his brand in London and also helped to renew the habits of the British gastronomy.

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