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According to the Derbyshire Times, a Hungarian woman got onto the wrong side of an M1 motorway slip road near South Normanton. She realised her mistake when she noticed the road signs. 

The woman, Mira Halek, had to appear in court where she said she stopped as soon as she realised what had happened, and tried to look for a solution. The traffic officers eventually noticed the car parked in the hatch markings, facing the opposite direction, and notified the authorities. According to prosecuting solicitor Neil Hollett, “Traffic officers from Highways England were driving on the southbound M1 motorway, and they were just beyond Tibshelf Services approaching Junction 28 and the slip road when

they instantly saw a vehicle at the bottom of the slip road facing the wrong way.”

Halek’s defence at the Chesterfield magistrates’ court was that it had been her first day at work, so she was in a hurry. Also, she has never been in that area before. In fact, it was only her second time driving on UK roads, as she had only arrived a week before. She was following the directions of her Sat Nav; however, she got onto the wrong road when taking an exit.

The jury considered it a mitigating circumstance that this was her first offence. Her previous good character and clean driving licence were taken into account for her sentence. According to defence solicitor Karl Meakin, “this is more a case of inexperience rather than irresponsibility”, and it should be noted that

the incident could have had catastrophic consequences, had Halek not stopped so quickly.

She was sentenced to 12 months of community service, and she cannot drive in the UK for the next 12 months. She also has to pay 85 GBP costs and 85 GBP victim surcharge.

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