Szeretlek Magyarország reports about a policewoman with Hungarian origins with whom Instagram is obsessed. Even a German daily magazine, Bild, noticed her fame and beauty.

Adrienne Koleszár, 34, is a German policewoman whose family is actually Hungarian. She is devoted to protecting the order and law, but she has other interests too, like social media. Bild claims that she is the sexiest policewoman in Germany, and the number of her Instagram followers (over 500 thousand) seems to support this argument.

Right now, however, she is enjoying her well-deserved holiday around the world, for which she has been saving up since 2016.

If you are interested in where she is soaking up the sunshine, you can check her Instagram feed, as she posts there regularly. The last stops included Dubai, the Maldives and Florida.

She is back on duty in January.


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