The Hungarian healthcare system has been fighting against the strict regulation which obstacle women to have children. Those who are against this regulation mention lawsuit and psychological reasons and doctors suspect ideological motivations behind this phenomenon. But everyone misses one thing: if someone needs an egg cell, urgently can spend millions on buying one.

According to, the Hungarian law-system describes two ways for women to legally receive an egg cell when needed: donation (which is rare) and when a relative under 35 who had given birth at least once offers one. It is important to mention that this procedure is free of charge because if the person who gives the egg cell received money, it would be illegal organ trading.

Receiving an egg cell from a relative is a necessity because many believe that if someone asked their sister or any other family member, she would not ask money in return. On the other hand, experts believe there are religious and ideological reasons in the background.

Still, the late-arriving of the first child in a family is not the biggest problem in Hungary. According to a survey in 2016, 10–15% of the Hungarian couples suffer from infertility, and only 40–45% of them are men. For this reason, the “battle” is no longer for sperm but for an egg cell. In 2017, approximately 4,000 children were born in Hungary, but with the more effective treatment of infertility, this number could be more.

Until that, the only solution is “egg cell tourism”. Many clinics and hospitals abroad can be found on the Internet, which advertises healthy egg cells in the Hungarian language as well. The centre of infertility is reportedly the Czech Republic from where many women buy egg cells because of their indulgent regulations and modern technology.

Donating a healthy egg cell is not only under strict regulations in Hungary but in Germany as well. Many women, because of the obstacles and intolerable situation turn to the black market to buy cells cheaper but sooner or later get caught for committing a severe crime. Freezing egg cells is also platonic in Hungary and only allowed for medical reasons only. Many experts believe that because of the extended market and desperate need for egg cells, the regulations and laws will be stricter in the future than ever.

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